Confused – Photo Challenge# 78 and Wordle 214

– Rebeca Cygnus

– Rebeca Cygnus

Listen, can you hear that? Outside, the crickets chirped monotonously. Stop there, don’t speak. Let me tell you a secret. It’s not easy for me. I feel like a worm eating my way through the rotten world. Or like a wasp embedded in an amber for a long time. I’m confused and frustrated. Help me foster a healthy self-esteem and noble sense of self-worth. I have to find ways of dealing with my feelings, here and now. Get me out of here!

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Photo Challenge #78 and Wordle #214




  1. Ida P. Krause · September 20, 2015

    It has been so fun reading everyone’s interpretations of the photo prompt. I did an artistic piece along with some writing with mine. – I think yours is very interesting and gives one something to ponder.

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  2. oldegg · September 20, 2015

    Well I suppose it is better that rotting in the ground or being incinerated so amber it is then, OK?

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