Mute Appeal – Writing Prompt #125 “NoEnd House Part 6″ and Whirligig 25

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “The birthday of the world” by Marge Piercy: birthday, pared, dazzling, weapons, sparks, move, eroding, rot, stumps, resentments, choking, gates


It started with a silly row
She said this, he said that
She stormed into the kitchen
He stumped two minutes later
They shouted at each other
Full of resentments and tears
Would this leaves questions
Eroding confidence of love?
Next day was his birthday
She tiptoed to their room
With dazzling smiles
Saying sorry with a rose
She gazed at him in mute appeal
Her weapon of reconciliation
His eyes sparked, all forgiven
Choking with emotion and love
Flaws were behind the gate again

For: Writing Prompt #125 and Whirligig 25



  1. mindlovemisery · September 20, 2015

    She gazed at him in mute appeal
    Her weapon of reconciliation

    this is a great line!

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  2. kim881 · September 20, 2015

    I thought I’d give this a try and it was much harder than I thought it would be.

    The Birthday Party

    Balloons festooned the trees outside
    The garden gates were open wide
    The birthday girl in dazzling mood
    Put finishing touches to the food
    The guests, with cards and gifts, arrived
    The crowd began to move inside
    To view the cake in all its glory
    Which turned out to be something gory
    Adorned with weapons: knives and guns
    Cudgels, whips and pared down stumps
    The birthday girl poured out the wine
    She thought that everything was fine
    But she’d forgotten to blow out the candles
    Sparks flew, the party became a scandal
    Guests were angry, guests were choking
    All the goodwill was eroding
    Old resentments and other rot
    Ruined the atmosphere a lot
    The birthday girl lost her head
    She took a gun and shot them dead

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    • ladyleemanilasphotos · September 20, 2015

      oh dear, she shot them dead! I like your poem and the way you used the word prompts. Well-penned, Kim 🙂

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      • kim881 · September 20, 2015

        Thank you. It was tough having to work the word prompts in. I’m OK using image prompts but this was tricky.

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  3. C.C. · September 20, 2015

    I like this—very realistic and true to life…the ebb and flow of relationships!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jae Rose · September 21, 2015

    Flaws placed behind the gate..harmony restored – yes..sometimes that is the way ahead..a wonderful poem and i adore that photo too!

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