The Letter – Sunday Photo Fiction and Wordle 220


I wanted to be there, even though it was quite a trip. The traffic was dreadful, especially on this holiday weekend. The minute I got your letter, I had the courage to risk it all. What matters now is you’re back and my heart starts beating again. I’ve finally reached the hill. There was a chill in the air. The only sounds were bugs thrumming in the grasses above and birds chirping even higher up. And there you were, looking as if we didn’t part. There was no hesitation, we linked arms with each other. No urging needed, we kissed and embraced.

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Sunday Photo Fiction and Wordle #220




  1. ceayr · October 11, 2015

    Very sweet.

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  2. oldegg · October 11, 2015

    Meeting up with a long lost friend is a must (even without a romantic twist) for it takes you back to your younger self.

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  3. Steve Lakey · October 11, 2015

    Familiar sights and sounds can take us right back to an earlier time. You use this to good effect.

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  4. Graham Lawrence · October 11, 2015

    Warms my heart. Nice story. Lots of emotion in so few words. Inspiring 🙂

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  5. Jae Rose · October 11, 2015 that is a wonderful story 🙂

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  6. angietrafford · October 11, 2015

    This one is certainly a lovely tale about going back to the things you once left behind. I really enjoyed it.

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  7. Misky · October 11, 2015


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  8. Keith Hillman · October 11, 2015

    That is so romantic. I can just see them wandering off into the sunset.
    Visit Keith’s Ramblings!

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    • ladyleemanilasphotos · October 11, 2015

      yes, wandering off into the sunset, holding hands… thanks, Keith 🙂 I like yours, too!


  9. Priceless Joy · October 11, 2015

    I love how you brought in sights and sounds and feelings into your story! Wonderfully done! Great combination of two prompts too.

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  10. Sunday Fiction · October 11, 2015

    Now that’s a trip to go on 🙂

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  11. Bastet · October 12, 2015

    A great story!

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