Far Too Soon! Write Now! Friday Fictioneers and 3 Words

PHOTO PROMPT -© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

PHOTO PROMPT -© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Today’s Prompt:
It was definitely too early in the season for the weather forecast to include the word “snow”.

Yet we can’t ignore the fact that not only was it raining today, it was snowing, too! No, they can’t do that! They can’t schedule snow and rain in August! We’re supposed to be in the height of summer, i.e. got to be scorching hot! There were actual delays on the number of aircraft entering the country’s airspace or taking off from domestic airports. Not to mention the traffic caused by this weather. We were not prepared! No snowmobiles, no salts to sprinkle on the road and the tyres were not changed to winter tyres yet. Far too soon!

20151016: day 289
Happy 2015!! Ready to commit to three-words-a-day for a year?


* Check out about 3 words, the first posting, for what to do. choose three out of five.

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  1. rochellewisoff · October 16, 2015

    Dear Lady L,

    Just remember, there’s no such thing as ‘climate change.’ 😉 A cold, wet one.



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