Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 6 -Unused


our Wedgewood fine china – sadly unused

When we first got married, we chose this lovely Wedgewood tableware and tea set. We started with the basic sets, then people started giving us a piece or two as presents. We used to have them for Christmas or on our Anniversary. Now, they’re just in our cupboard, unused.

For: Hugh’s Photo Challenge



  1. Hugh's Views and News · November 15, 2015

    Hi Ladyleemanila, this would have also made a great photo for my photo challenge from week 2 which was all about the inside of cupboards.

    We are much the same in that our best china and glassware is hardly ever used. It’s such a shame really because it’s meant to be used, but for some reason we choose to hide it away. Some of that Wedgewood may actually be worth a lot of money on eBay, especially if it is no longer available as a design.

    Thanks again for participating in my photo challenge. Have a great week.

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    • ladyleemanilasphotos · November 15, 2015

      thanks, Hugh 🙂 I know, such a shame that we don’t use them regularly. We still have a lot in the cupboard, mostly fine bone china and crystals. Oh well, I think we’ll leave them to our son who’s getting married next year, if they like them. Cheers again Hugh, I enjoy your challenges 🙂

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