Little Fairy Christmas


There was Little Fairy Christmas who came down from heaven
She wanted to make everyone happy and have some fun
She chose the first three people
She wanted them to be cheerful
She’s got to be creative and off she went on her mission


There was a business man whose life was so toxic
Meetings, negotiations and everything’s got to be quick
Little Fairy Christmas waved her wand
Sent him there before he could respond
An idyllic place for tranquillity with a nearby creek


There was a lovely lady who had two birds in a cage
She used to perform and sing with them on the stage
She wanted to flee but can’t leave them be
Little Fairy Christmas set them free
Left two red peppers on their place in that cage


There was a little boy who liked playing in the mud
He also liked it when it rains and there’s a lot of flood
Little Fairy Christmas presented her present
Which the boy can put in their basement
A swimming pool but instead of water, it’s full of mud


For: Tale Weaver #43 – Fairy Tale Prompt and Thur Picture Prompt #41


The Monkeys and the Dragonflies (Philippines) – Fairy Tale Prompt


One day, when the sun was at the zenith and the air was very hot, a poor dragonfly, fatigued with her long journey, alighted to rest on a branch of a tree in which a great many monkeys lived.

While she was fanning herself with her wings, a monkey approached her, and said, “Aha! What are you doing here, wretched creature?”

“O sir! I wish you would permit me to rest on this branch while the sun is so hot,” said the dragonfly softly. “I have been flying all morning, and I am so hot and tired that I can go no farther,” she added.

“Indeed!” exclaimed the monkey in a mocking tone. “We don’t allow any weak creature such as you are to stay under our shelter. Go away!” he said angrily, and, taking a dry twig, he threw it at the poor creature.

The dragonfly, being very quick, had flown away before the cruel monkey could hit her. She hurried to her brother the king, and told him what had happened. The king became very angry, and resolved to make war on the monkeys. So he dispatched three of his soldiers to the king of the monkeys with this challenge:

The King of the Monkeys


As one of your subjects has treated my sister cruelly, I am resolved to kill you and your subjects with all speed.


The monkey king laughed at the challenge. He said to the messengers, “Let your king and his soldiers come to the battlefield, and they will see how well my troops fight.”

“You don’t mean what you say, cruel king,” answered the messengers. “You should not judge before the fight is over.”

“What fools, what fools!” exclaimed the king of the monkeys. “Go to your ruler and tell him my answer,” and he drove the poor little creatures away.

When the king of the dragonflies received the reply, he immediately ordered his soldiers to go to the battlefield, but without anything to fight with. Meanwhile the monkeys came, each armed with a heavy stick.

Then the monkey king shouted, “Strike the flying creatures with your clubs!”

When King Dragon heard this order, he commanded his soldiers to alight on the foreheads of their enemies. Then the monkeys began to strike at the dragonflies, which were on the foreheads of their companions. The dragonflies were very quick, and were not hurt at all; but the monkeys were all killed. Thus the light, quick-witted dragonflies won the victory over the strong but foolish monkeys.

Source: Fansler, Filipino Popular Tales (Lancaster, Pennsylvania and New York: American Folk-Lore Society, 1921), no. 57, pp. 379-82.