Mortal – Photo Challenge #74 and Prompt 80 – Midweek Wordle #12



Are you nervous, my friend?
What was done was done
What you did was to defend
It was also all right to run

Think yourself lucky for getting away
The sky was your witness that evening
No moon and stars and the sky’s grey
Hard to explain, it’s often so baffling

Life was more complicated than before
Sometimes we have to make sacrifices
That was the antidote, I swore
We had to admit it wasn’t a paradise


For: Photo Challenge #74 and Midweek Wordle #12


Lies and Smiles – Writing Prompt #120 “Collage 4″ and Prompt 76 – Weekend Wordle #11


Murder, she wrote
As hollow as a dock
As she read the quote
And the crow squawked

Dumb cat up the chimney
Sad as the absence of the sun
Emotional cruelty so bleakly
Such a heavy burden

The crow’s harsh caw
The clock’s ticking
Bone the dog gnaws
Her eyes brooding

Candle light’s flickering
As fast as a heartbeat
She’s tired from crying
Why was he such a cheat?

Then stop, completely still
All alone in the room
She was tense and unfulfilled
Her eyes peering into the gloom

Lies, smile and necklace
Hopelessly waiting for him
An existence at best aimless
Start again from therethrough


For: Writing Prompt #120 and Weekend Wordle #11


Freedom – Picture Prompt #24 and Prompt 73 – Midweek Wordle #11


I’m free, I’m free
I can have my shopping spree
After such a long time
Concentrate on my rhyme
I can wear that skirt the way I want
Like I’m some sort of a debutante
Above or below my knees, my choice
I can also hear my own voice
I can hang around different places
What’s all the buzz and the fuzz?
At anytime and anywhere, it’s up to me
Of course, I’d like to swim in the sea
Sleep on the floor, rest whenever I like
I can bike, it’s good for my psyche
Visit my family presenting my new me
And we can have a nice cup of tea


For: Picture Prompt #24 and Midweek Wordle #11

“The Last Steampunk Waltz” – Music Friday Prompt #3 and Prompt 69 – Weekend Wordle #10


Stay still, don’t be so desolate
Soon the feeling of joy will come
You might stir up the nest of hornet
In a now familiar picture of bedlam

And she’ll waltz very gracefully
Horns will make heavenly music
In her quiet way revealing such beauty
Mysterious lyrics, she sings cryptic

Revealing some sort of motivation
Leading to intelligent conversation
Releasing you from your burden
Always nice to share with someone

The beauty of a rose with its thorns
There’s always a yin and a yang
One day my child plants an acorn
Where the balance of life hangs

For: Music Friday Prompt #3 and Weekend Wordle #10


Bedtime Story – Sunday Photo Fiction and Prompt 66 – Midweek Wordle #10


“Dad, please tell us again about your mystery box,” the children cajoled their Dad before going to bed.

“Oh you just want to delay bedtime, OK, a long time ago, I had a glimpse of this pyramid box in an abandoned rubble after the earthquake and I was fascinated by it, so I took it.”

“I looked inside the box and there was nothing in it. I put it beside my bed and that night it glowed, as if reaching for my soul, which was a weird feeling. From then on, my life has changed and it served as my good luck charm. The end. Time for bed, kids, sleep tight.”

“Good night, Dad” the kids chorused.


For: Sunday Photo Fiction and Midweek Wordle #10


Jose’s Life – FFfAW-Week 07-22-2015 and Prompt 52 – Midweek Wordle #8

This week's photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!

This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!

Jose lit the fire and played his flute made of bamboo. He got used to its tune and he thought he was getting better with it. Ah, the joy of simple living! He has been living in this island for quite some time now. He thought it’s a good place to write his novel, so with some provisions and his pen and paper, he became a stranger to the rest of the world. And he trusted his instinct and quick reaction to the challenges of living alone in the deserted island. He observed nature, trees and leaves grew and wilted, birds sang, the sound of the waves and splashes. (109 words)


For: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Midweek Wordle #8


I’m a Sagittarian – Prompt 38 – Midweek Wordle #6


I’m a Sagittarian through and through
I love adventure and excitement
I’ll do anything to make my friends happy
I’m always there to give them a hand
And never expect any favours in return
I have this old policy of “live and let live”
I want to explore the world, rivers and seas
I look for things to do, to gain wisdom and learn
In turn, I seem to be guided by good luck
The downside, I can be reckless and stumble
Frequently because I jump at something new
Before thinking of the pros and cons
Love me or hate me, I’m me – a Sagittarian