I’m Your Friend – Music Prompt #12: “Clumsy” performed by Our Lady Peace and Wordle 140

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

Listen to me, my friend
I’ll fly with you if you want
When needed, I’m here to mend
Tell me what you want

I’ll always keep you intact
When you’ve been pulverised
Try not to overreact
I don’t mind when you sigh

I’ll echo what you’re saying
We’ll remain levels in any means
What’s clear is I’m your friend
And there’s no pretend

Always following you
To catch you when you fall
We’ll share a nice brew
And shop at the mall

To offer my shoulders
When you need to cry
I’ll shuttle to and fro
To my life and yours

What’s clear is I’m your friend
We can have a nice weekend
I’m here to stay
And make your day gay

For: Music Prompt #12 and Wordle #140


Freedom – Music Friday Prompt #10 “Freedom for the Stallions”


freedom to dream
about things that make me gleam
freedom to love
so I can coo like a dove
freedom to travel
and win my own battle
freedom to write
to make my day bright
freedom to fight
on other people’s plight
freedom to wander
when I’m feeling some anger
freedom to make friends
so I can be busy at the weekends
freedom to be alone
when I feel like a moan

For: Music Friday Prompt #10

Them Promises – Music Prompt #9 “The Beigeness” and Prompt 82 – A Wordle Prompt


Let’s paint the town red right now
Until we cross the limit that we’re allowed
Give me a kiss and I’d be healed
With that kiss I’m all sealed
Glance at me and my window’s open
We’ll have fun my hunny bun
Take a photo of us and my life’s complete
As long as you don’t cheat
Them promises I should keep
I promise not to weep
Them fun things we should have
Protected by a salve
Them kisses I should treasure
Give my life a colour


For: Music Prompt #9 and Prompt 82


“Stand Up” – Music Friday Prompt #6 and Wordle 142

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

Stand up and be counted
Don’t be misled
Caress the scarlet sky
There are hellos and goodbyes
Save the planet if we must
Always be at our strongest
Expect the unexpected
As long as we’re grounded
Spare me a piece of your thought
Don’t be so distraught
Be struck by a lightning
Life could be a piece of string
First love is wonderful
Don’t be so blushful
It might even be your last
Don’t worry, I won’t trespassed
Be happy the pair of you
See each other mature and grew
Don’t leave anything behind
Look around you and don’t be blind
Do a bit of this and a bit of that
We have to look after our habitat
As long as we’re happy
Nice to be free and easy


For: Music Friday Prompt #6 and Wordle #142


“If I Ever Leave This World Alive” – Music Friday Prompt #5 and Wordle 212


If I ever leave this world alive
I’d laugh and generate a feast
I’d look at life like an archive
I’d find a reason why I exist

Escape from empty living
Like the ghost of the past
Look forward to spring
Live the day as if it’s my last

Torn between sacks of gold
Veins throbbing on my way
If our future be foretold
Let’s all play and sway

Like an ever efficient engine
I’d learned my lessons in life
Like the lottery that I’ve won
Enjoy the wildlife and nightlife

Accept the things I cannot change
With you I know everything’s fine
Even though I find it ever so strange
With a bottle of wine we’d dine and wine

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Music Friday Prompt #5 and Wordle #212


“The Last Steampunk Waltz” – Music Friday Prompt #3 and Prompt 69 – Weekend Wordle #10


Stay still, don’t be so desolate
Soon the feeling of joy will come
You might stir up the nest of hornet
In a now familiar picture of bedlam

And she’ll waltz very gracefully
Horns will make heavenly music
In her quiet way revealing such beauty
Mysterious lyrics, she sings cryptic

Revealing some sort of motivation
Leading to intelligent conversation
Releasing you from your burden
Always nice to share with someone

The beauty of a rose with its thorns
There’s always a yin and a yang
One day my child plants an acorn
Where the balance of life hangs

For: Music Friday Prompt #3 and Weekend Wordle #10


The End of Our Battle – Music Prompt #1 “Saint Lawrence River” and Wordle 172

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

Last night was a signal
The end of our battle
Of tired irritation
Not to be shunned
Of jumbled bliss
We’ll give it a miss
The appetite’s gone
Time for a yawn
Flamboyant no more
Can’t take it anymore
The sun not shining
My heart’s breaking
Disclosing the truth
It was worse, in sooth
Time to say good-bye
I cry with a sigh

For: Music Prompt #1 and Wordle 172