Light Picture It & Write


I’m falling on the edge of the abyss
I’m muddled but don’t want to give it a miss
I do not lead a holy life and I feel guilty
I come to you and need your advice badly
My flesh is weak and I’m drifting away
I acted like a fool and I was led astray
It was a pretty tame affair but still hidden
What was done couldn’t be undone
A secret so to speak in the mist of tides
I wish I could just take them in strides
I know this too will pass but I need the light
Light at the end of the tunnel for my plight


by brenda warren


For: Picture it & Write and Wordle 226


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Waiting Picture It & Write and Whirligig 31

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “All the Difficult Hours and Minutes” by Jane Hirshfield: rice, jar, calamity, calmness, glass, mutter, hours, plums, salted, minutes, wrinkled, difficult


She just finished cooking the rice
Salted the steak and onions that will go with it
Get the spices jar ready and the salt and pepper
Set the table, with candle sticks and wine glasses
The minutes were ticking as the hours passed
Will he ever come? She muttered to herself
She made this plum gown, designed and stitched
Hours and hours she spent making this dress
Quite difficult considering she did it by hand
There’s an air of calmness as she waits
She didn’t want any wrinkles on it
And so she waits….

For: Picture it & Write and Whirligig 31

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The Park Picture It & Write and Whirligig 28


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Lines Written at Flying Point Beach” in Aimless Love: New and Selected Poems, by Billy Collins: vicinity, pond, wind, shorebirds, water, thin, wonders, bicycling, natural, dunes, distance, cabin

A place of natural wonders
As we ambled along the park
Where shorebirds fly and sing
Frogs and newts jump in the pond
The fish spawn among the plants
Bicycling through the distance
Lavenders, roses and their fragrance
As the wind brushes the leaves
Lovers have a tiff and they’re peeve
Sand dunes for miles and miles
Great to have lovely lifestyles
Wooden cabins in the vicinity
And they have a nice pot of tea

For: Picture it & Write and Whirligig 28

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Splash, Splosh With My Wellies Picture It & Write


Splash, splosh with my wellies
Mum bought me my new wellies
Green and pink and all shiny
My eyes glitter and I shout with glee
It has been raining lately
I can’t go out even if I plea
And I’m stuck inside the house
Like being in a madhouse
Now the sun has come out
Time for me to venture out
Splash, splosh with my wellies
Can’t wait to use my new wellies
Oh the fun I feel playing in the mud
Thank goodness there wasn’t a flood
The laughter I made with my friends
Playing hide and seek like there were no ends
Up and down the path, here, there, everywhere
We’ve been brave even reaching our square
Splash, splosh with my wellies
It has been fun with my new wellies

For: Picture it & Write


Puppet on a String Picture It and Write and Wordle 218


Like a puppet on a string
I spin as the music plays
I’m dressed as a woman with big bust
I visit people as expected
I exist according to the system
But as I sigh and kick my heels
I know that I should change
It’s such a mess if I continue like so
I should do what I like, whatever it is
They can’t command me anymore
I shouldn’t just follow the system
I dance slowly even when the music’s fast
I dress up the way I want in any style
I visit people only when it appeals to me
Enough being a puppet on a string
I came up trumps, cutting off my string

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Picture it & Write and Wordle #218

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Hatred Picture It & Write and Wordle #74


I’m not exaggerating – it’s pure twenty-three in my life! Madness, madness, madness! Like being pricked by the needles of a cactus, it hurts! But even to my lowest ebb, I wouldn’t have scorned to stoop to such tactic – that is, to say sorry to him. Oh no, it was his fault and he should have listened to me, instead of doing that. Now, we couldn’t turned back from this petrous situation. The relationship is so fragile, he might as well offer me a bunch of lillies.


For: Picture it & Write and Wordle #74


Hitchhiking to the Galaxy Picture It & Write and Wordle #73


Hurry up, Chap. It’s the day of deliverance and we’re going to join them, even though we’re uninvited. Don’t be so clumsy, just polish the cask with chamois and we’re hitching a ride to the galaxy. From the lofty heights of Zugspitze, we can view the beautiful landscape of Garmisch, and that’s just for starters. We could work as apple chasers, only this time, we’re star-chasers. As long as we make it by the time the guy in charge reached our names, we receive a notch on the stick used to record our presence. How cool is that! Forget the jeering crowds, they’re down there and we’re up in the air….Sleep evaded me as I sat in the bus daydreaming and looking out the window the entire trip.


For: Picture it & Write and Wordle #73


I Love Working in the Shop – Picture it & Write and Wordle #68


The shop was full of accumulated unshaven, hurried, flotsam, caitiff and other characters of the world. There was a mother with a toddler who was having a tantrum and wanted that sweet first thing in the morning, some inexperienced fair sapling on her first year at college who wanted to cook something for her flatmate tonight and that truck driver who wanted some snacks for his journey. He winced when there was a long queue, he wanted to get going. His face was twisted into a rictus grin and let out a snigger of sheer confusion. There were also some old ladies taking their time wandering the shop aimlessly. And a couple of friends discussing about their daily problems. One was giving some pithy and insightful commentary. And as for me, I love working in this dump of a shop – I could get enough observation for my psychology class.