Tale Weaver # 45 – Christmas Flash Fiction

“It was Christmas morning and all through the house…..”

We hear the sound of children whispering excitedly… ”Has Father Christmas been?” “Has he eaten the minced pie we left for him and the carrot for the reindeer?” “ssshhh, we should still be in bed…”

A soft “Silent Night” was playing on the radio. Mum and Dad still in bed. One of the kids tiptoed to their room and went in the middle of the bed. Mum gave him a cuddle. And of course, the other kids followed, as well as Baxter the dog. They all stayed there, enjoying the morning cuddles and hugs, giggling and shifting about.

“Right,” said Dad. “Shall we all see what Father Christmas has left for us?” And the children all followed him going down the stairs.

Dad turned all the Christmas lights on, as well as the radio and the kettle. Mum woke up, too. The children saw their stockings full of lovely presents – socks, colouring books and pens, sweets, CDs, comics, games, etc. They also opened the other presents. Jack’s got a bike, scooter for Martin, Barbie doll for Sam, and books for Brigit. Baxter got a big bone to chew! Mum and Dad also got their presents. They kissed each other.

They all had their tea and some breakfast – sausage and bacon, cereals, eggs, fruit, bread and marmalade. At 10, they went to hear mass. Dad took them to the playground afterwards. Then Mum started cooking. Granny and Grandad were coming for dinner. The day ended well, all happy and contended. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day, too!


For: Tale Weaver # 45

Little Fairy Christmas


There was Little Fairy Christmas who came down from heaven
She wanted to make everyone happy and have some fun
She chose the first three people
She wanted them to be cheerful
She’s got to be creative and off she went on her mission


There was a business man whose life was so toxic
Meetings, negotiations and everything’s got to be quick
Little Fairy Christmas waved her wand
Sent him there before he could respond
An idyllic place for tranquillity with a nearby creek


There was a lovely lady who had two birds in a cage
She used to perform and sing with them on the stage
She wanted to flee but can’t leave them be
Little Fairy Christmas set them free
Left two red peppers on their place in that cage


There was a little boy who liked playing in the mud
He also liked it when it rains and there’s a lot of flood
Little Fairy Christmas presented her present
Which the boy can put in their basement
A swimming pool but instead of water, it’s full of mud


For: Tale Weaver #43 – Fairy Tale Prompt and Thur Picture Prompt #41


My Masks – Tale Weaver #41


I was born as the eldest daughter in a family
I looked after my siblings and they were three
My Mum taught me how to market
How to feed the family within a budget
That’s probably how I get the love of shopping spree

As a student I was diligent and ambitious
With fellow students sometimes we’re boisterous
With dedication, I’ve got my degree
Moved to Europe, I want to be free
Got some Masters on Linguistics and Business

Chemistry in motion, met Him Indoors in a lab
Action and reaction, fell in love and reached our sky lab
Being a wife was fun, I thought
Even though sometimes we fought
It’s quite exciting, who says being married was such a drab?

After seven years, HRH the son was born, I’m Mum at last
I nurture him, looked after him and didn’t mind being typecast
Eighteen years later, he left the nest
To university to find his own quest
His first day of school, karate, piano lessons and time flew so fast

I love being a Business English trainer to some companies
To sales people, human resources and some became my buddies
As a freelancer I can say yes or no to a contract
I don’t have a boss and I can’t be sacked
I can still have my free time, hobbies and meet my friends with ease

I wear different masks for different roles
As a friend, enemy, depending on my goals
Life is wonderful, I’d say
So my day is never grey
Perhaps I’d think of other courses to enroll

For: Tale Weaver #41

Student’s Life – Tale Weaver #38: Tales Twice Told


He walked – no, not walked, swaggered – over to me. Patrick thinks he’s the hottest guy at the university. I greeted him coolly. He gave me a bear hug. “You know what, I’ve just heard that Peter and Benjamin are being expelled from the Uni.”

“Oh my God, what happened?” I was really surprised.

“Some students filed some complaints, don’t really know the details. The police were called, some investigation took place and they were escorted out of the compound,” he explained.

“Oh, and to think that Peter’s my favourite tutor,” and off I went to my next class.

Meanwhile, at Mike’s office, Josie entered. “Come in, Josie. I just want to talk to you about your last essay.”

“Sorry, I’ve just made it,” Josie started explaining.

“It’s just some parts of it were taken directly from some websites. Were you not able to paraphrase them?” Mike asked. “I’ll give it back to you with a warning. It will be a fail next time.”

“Thanks, I promise it won’t happen again,” and Josie left Mike’s office.

Then, there are Gregory, Juan, Sarah and Florence who seem to be always in a pub every afternoon. God knows how they manage their work. Having said that, they are passing somehow. Sarah’s even the top in her class.

Marco’s the “Brad Pitt” of the campus and girls follow him around. They didn’t know that he’s also very shy and has some secrets at home. I wonder what?

The nerds or the ones who study hard and spend their times in the library. I’m sure they also want to have some dates or have some fun, they just don’t know how.

Or the beautiful Marjorie, who’s fighting her anorexia and thinks herself as fat and ugly. I wish to be her friend, if she lets me.

And me – a sophomore, who’s getting used to the politics of the campus and experiencing life away from home.

For: Tale Weaver 38

I Won! – Tale Weaver 36: Life After the Lottery and Wordle 100

Sketch: The State Lottery Office Artist: Vincent van Gogh (1882) Source: wikiart.org

Sketch: The State Lottery Office Artist: Vincent van Gogh (1882) Source: wikiart.org

I didn’t change much
After I nearly fainted
On the street when I won
I ran out of words
I couldn’t believe it
All these years of playing
Of all places and people
I was the lucky one
I was called to share
And share I would
I created a master plan
How we could all share
Some stretch of imagination
Not just to give but to train
How to be productive
How they could use it
How they could maintain
Great responsibility
I do love it!

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Tale Weaver 36 and Wordle #100


Samantha and Tentacles – Tale Weaver# 35 and Wordle 131


Samantha, the witch and her pet Octopus
Such a pair of goodness gracious
She calls her Tentacles, Tent for short
When being called, Tent would snort
Tent can balance herself on bricks or gravels
And will resort to all sorts of battles
She catches everything with her mouth
She’s such a blabbermouth
A curious amalgam of trash and bits
One can say she’s such a nitwit
Nothing can stop her, she’s happy
When she goes to her eating spree
Samantha gets on with her neighbours
Even though she’s such a raving bonkers
Open doors, no fence, no notices
They like her blitheness and blondness
But still there’s a vacant lot near her
That’s something no one can answer
No one wants to move, she wonders why
“Oh well, it’s just me and Tent, “ she sighs

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Tale Weaver 35 and Wordle #131


Children Playing – Tale Weaver 34: a painting in search of a story and Wordle 139

Image: Children’s Games; Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Elder; Source: wikiart.org

Image: Children’s Games; Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Elder; Source: wikiart.org

A day of leisure and the children snatched the chance to play. Like angels enjoying the waves of childhood, they played outside the garden, on clay soil or grass or on the streets. They made their own simple toys, like boats from pieces of bread, spears from sticks and small houses from stones and boxes. They played games, from games of skill with cherry stones or tops to activities such as archery, football and dancing. A pair of them played with hula hoops, barrels and sticks. They fixed their toys with strings and stones. That covered everything and they stayed until the moon came out at night.

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Tale Weaver 34 and Wordle #139

When the Wicked Witch Visited – Tale Weaver # 25 and Wordle 166

Image: © Rose’s Garden Used with permission

Image: © Rose’s Garden Used with permission

When the wicked witch visited
What a sight, the smell was so acrid
It was dark, eerie and she levitated
Full of wrinkles, her tooth were crooked
That dreadful creature held her tarot cards
And she was giving them like some rewards
Her cloak full of blood like she had been to a plague
A fleshy abdominal limb of a caterpillar’s proleg
She seduced me with a penny and gave me a kiss
She curtsied like I was some sort of a princess
“Make a wish,” she said but I was dumbstruck
I was drenched with sweat, all of these playing havoc
I ran to my room, got my gun and said “please go away!”
“I know you meant well but I don’t need any soothsay”
She left, I danced with elation when she was gone
She wasn’t expecting that and became withdrawn
I prayed that she won’t visit me again
Such a weird experience then

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Tale Weaver # 25 and Wordle 166


My Family – Across Generations – Tale Weaver #23 and Six Sentence Stories “trunk”


I found this photograph in my old wooden trunk – I’m Ethel and that’s me with black hair, on my right is baby Laura and on my left is the blond Helen.

It was Granny’s birthday and she wanted our photograph taken.

We all had to put our best clothes, walked to the studio and stayed still for the photograph which took forever.

Granny passed away two years after that, my father went to war and was killed in action.

My mother took care of us – it was a tough time.

Fifty years later, I’m now married to George with three children, Helen works as a nurse and Laura works in a publishing house – both still single.

For: Tale Weaver #23 and Six Sentence Stories


Fortune Cookie – Tale Weaver # 22 and Picture Prompt #20


two friends went out to have a chinese meal
spring rolls and pancit- they were a steal
one fortune cookie said “time to explore”
“fortune not found? abort, retry, ignore”
after an hour, they’re ready for another meal

Ten quid and all the fuss of eating out in a Chinese restaurant
“A tub and a rub will change your day” the fortune in an instant
“Ah nonsense!” said he and the waiter was somehow insulted
“The greatest danger could be your stupidity,” he instantly blurted
They had a fight and he was hit for giving a remark that was so flippant

Fortune Cookie
Picture Prompt #20