I’m Flawed

(5) Words


on a strict note, I’m flawed
nothing is written on stone
part of me wants to believe
the rest could be history

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

For: Weekly Writing Prompt # 17 by the Secret Keeper

Don’t Turn Around



Don’t turn around, there’s a ghost
Strange feeling all over
Dust unsettled over there
Rough day ahead for us all

Do not turn around, there’s a ghost
Almost strange but not for her
Maher doesn’t mind, she’s dusting
Asking rough questions, feeling the blue
Do not turn around, there’s a ghost

For: Weekly Writing Prompt #15 by the Secret Keeper

Between the Shadow and the Soul

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Philosophy in Warm Weather” by Jane Kenyon: sunny, clumsy, wasp, molecules, whirl, begrudge, spider, poppy, shouts, crow, alarm, pulling


“I love you as certain dark things
Are to be loved in secret
Between the shadow and the soul”
From a poppy seed to certain flings
Nothing to whirl and have that strut
On both mind and body it takes its toll

I stand fending off the raven and crow
The candle with cinnamon and orange
Colourful buttons forming a heart
Pulling me with such alarming glow
Clumsy molecules but what a challenge
I shout in my heart that you’re also a part

Love soars from earth to infinity
For love of love, or heart’s solitude
Who cry for shadows and cannot tell
Begrudge I come with a plea
Never a sunny day for a feud
Tried to stifle the thoughts and quell


For: Writing Prompt #136 “Collage 12″ and Whirligig 36


Inner Moonlight


Follow your inner moonlight
Things you do is such an excite
Don’t hide the madness
That’s you and what’s the fuss?

You are the soul of the universe
Take a hint from the verse
Fresh and lingering as the new day
The colourful chameleon that’s not grey

It tends to change its colour as it sees fit
It’s stress-free just like changing an outfit
Fine range of drinks for urbane palates
Good quality wine like gold with 24 carats

Spend some time in the sun till toasty brown
Life is good, go and have some fun uptown
Mix with the cool people of different sex
You can assess them, don’t even need specs

The subtleness of pastel colour suits you
You charm them, men are always in a queue
Reading classic fantasy yields rich imagination
Create your own wonderland and have some fun

by brenda warren

For: Writing Prompt #134 and Wordle 187


The Play


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by Wallace Stevens: blackbird, tree, pantomime, whirled, whistling, barbaric, bawds, pierced, moving, snowing, afternoon, rhythms


Blackbird looking from the top of the tree
People assemble from their back alley
Barbaric whistling from the gatherings
As the players clad as queens and kings
The ladies and their bawds on their break
They’ll make it up later on with their take
An afternoon off to see the pantomime
And why not, anyway, it’s their downtime
The stage whirled as they change scenes
Nothing obscene as folks look at the screen
Piercing sound from the scream and shout
The advertising code is being flouted
Fun with rhythms as the play continues
An old man having his afternoon snooze
As it starts snowing and the night begins
One of the characters plays the violin
The performance moved the audience to tears
One of the best plays they’ve seen in years


For: Sunday Photo Fiction and Whirligig 34

Life in Gregorian Tree – Bonus Wordle #2


Gnarler (via Yves) A little dog that by his barking alerts his people that there is a burglar inside the house.
Chirping Merry (via Yves) Exhilarated with liquor.
Jabber (via Yves) To talk thick and fast, sometimes to speak in a foreign tongue
Gregorian Tree (via Yves) The gallows.
Honey-peeler (via Yves) A person who manipulates through seduction. Honey-peel is the act of manipulation through seduction
Lentamente (via Bastet) Italian for slowly.
Muore (via Bastet) Italian for dies.
Makisig (via Ladylee) Filipino for powerful and strong.
Malakas (via Ladylee) Filipino for handsome.
Lazulitopian (via J Lapis) “One who resides in a mental world of blue perfection; flourishing at optimal emotional, spiritual rest when surrounded, submerged in blue—all shades, all day and indigo night.”
Moje Dziecko (via Pat) Polish for “My Baby”
Nudnik (via Cressida) Yiddish for a pestering, nagging, or irritating person; a bore.

Liwayway was such a honey-peeler lady. She knew she could be everyone’s moje dziecko and used it to her advantage. Like the time she asked Makisig to do something for her which was slightly illegal and Makisig being smitten by her beauty committed it. Makisig got caught and ended up in the Gregorian Tree. He knew he’d spend the rest of his life in the Gregorian Tree so he asked them if he could paint his cell blue. Being a lazulitopian, he’s happy to be surrounded in blue. Luckily, they agreed to his request so he could reside in his mental world of blue perfection until his muore. He is not malakas so eventually his muore come lentamente.

In the Gregorian Tree, Makisig met Nasabit who got caught in his robbery because of the little gnarler. The dog barked until the people woke up and found Nasabit on the act. They called the police and so he ended up in here. There was also Makulit, who was such a nudnik that Makisig tried to get as far away from Makulit as possible. Aside from being a nudnik, Makulit kept on jaberring about little things – such a real bore! Makisig liked Masaya though, another prison mate, who, even though there was no alcohol, he could behave like a chirping merry most of the times – euphoric. So Makisig found a friend in Masaya.

For: Bonus Wordle #2

On Love and Marriage


As students we managed to scrape by
Not going out, staying at students’ halls
Getting after-school work and living the hard way
Every dish is important so we don’t leave any
Roast on Sunday would be curried or stir-fried the next
We helped plant some vegetables at his parents’ allotment
And freeze all the produce – potatoes, carrots, beans and fruit
Now, we looked back and silently laugh – we’ve endured a lot
Sometimes large tears brimmed in our eyes when we recall
We’ve gone through thick and thin and we are still together
We’ve climbed the highest mountains, crossed the seven seas
Survived all the storms, challenges and hindrances and we’re still us
Till death do us part, we promised each other as we peck each other’s lips

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Writing Prompt #133 “Getting Cozy with Uncertainty” and Wordle #225


My Future? Everything’s Bright and Beautiful!

Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other – Daily Prompt
Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.


Yes, that’s my future
everything’s bright and beautiful
I’ve got Him Indoors and HRH the son
we live in a cosy place and a garden
my mother is still beautiful and still here
my siblings and their families are well
my friends come and go, keeping the best
we’re healthy, aside from normal aging
I’m still happy with my job
we’re retiring in 8 years’ time
HRH the son and his K are getting married
HRH the son will finish his Masters soon
we’re celebrating our 30 years anniv next year
everything’s bright and beautiful
Thanks – I couldn’t ask for more!

For: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

Travel – Miniature Writing Challenge #15


All my life, I’ve always been a traveller
It makes my life better and brighter
From morning till night, I’m on the road
Be it wet, sunshine, rained or snowed
To infinity and beyond is not impossible
Riding a horse, elephant, cattle or camel
For I’m always on a mission, bent to go
Saying hello, heigh-ho and heave-ho
Over the woods and far away, new places
I might stumble, fall over, sit on benches
Overgrowth and undergrowth, it’s the same
I can proclaim, acclaim but not defame
I have to travel, one way or another
Until I reach a certain boarder
I met people on my way, ages ago
They’re still part of my life as I go

For: Miniature Writing Challenge

In Search Of Penitence – Writing Prompt #131 “NoEnd House Part 9″ and Wordle 223


In this empty vessel
The end full of brambles
My body’s bleeding
My veins’ weeping
In search of penitence
Not the end of judgment
For things I’ve done
No facts, just cheap pun
And things I’ve omitted
I’d go back if I would
Hush, don’t say a word
I know I have erred
Don’t mention my name
It’s such a shame
Until I have paid for my sins
When I can raise high my chin
Corrected the wrong ones
Give hope to my sons
Walked the dusty long road
A steady support flowed
Swam the deep blue seas
And walk with ease
Made a big burning fire
People can admire
And turned the stone
New leaf on my own

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Writing Prompt #131 and Wordle #223