Carpe Diem’s Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #2 Silent Night

holy night
Christ was born in Bethlehem
bringing peace and love

(c) ladyleemanila 2015


For: Carpe Diem’s Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #2

Food, Garden and Zoe – Three Things Thursday

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

sushi, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, pork sisig, pancit, rice and of course, birthday cake – to celebrate father-in-law’s 80th birthday

a wet back garden in the UK

Zoe cutting Lolo Fred’s cake

So, what made you smile this week? Any fun stuff happening at the schools in your life? Any pretty things that make the holidays more lovely for you? Have you had a chance to wear pajamas to a place that normally wouldn’t be considered “socially acceptable” for jammy time? Tell me about it! 🙂


A Perfect Gift


She wanted to find the perfect gift to express how she truly felt about her mother.

Her mother will be 80 soon. And that’s a great achievement, to be able to reach 80 and she’s still cool, i.e. still here, still going to the gym, still looking after herself by not going out without a make-up on, still reading all the romance novels. But what’s a perfect gift for a lady she so admired? The lady who gave everything to her and her siblings? The lady who despite the fact that she was hurt, carried on and looked after her children?

There’s not a lot in the world that would be a perfect gift for her mother. She search and search, asking her siblings, asking her relatives and friends, even asking her mother. Of course, the mother just smiles and tells her – just you and your siblings, just you and the family. Right, all resolve then, they’ll all be there to celebrate her 80th birthday. Her sister from Canada, her brother from the UK, another brother on his ship and she’s in Germany. They’re all going to the Philippines to be with her on her special day. Looking forward to celebrating her birthday.

For: Write Now Prompt for December 1, 2015


Carpe Diem #839 Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day, former Boys Day)

displayed helmet
the young boy’s father
a samurai

© Chèvrefeuille

boys playing
samurai battles
with Irises

© Chèvrefeuille

striving for success
the young boys play like Samurai
Iris swords in hand

© Chèvrefeuille

Image: Children’s Games; Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Elder; Source:

Image: Children’s Games; Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Elder; Source:

a day of leisure
children are playing outside
having fun with games

laughing and shouting
playing with sticks and stones
the joy of childhood

(c) ladyleemanila 2015

For: Carpe Diem #839

Children Playing – Tale Weaver 34: a painting in search of a story and Wordle 139

Image: Children’s Games; Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Elder; Source:

Image: Children’s Games; Artist: Pieter Brueghel the Elder; Source:

A day of leisure and the children snatched the chance to play. Like angels enjoying the waves of childhood, they played outside the garden, on clay soil or grass or on the streets. They made their own simple toys, like boats from pieces of bread, spears from sticks and small houses from stones and boxes. They played games, from games of skill with cherry stones or tops to activities such as archery, football and dancing. A pair of them played with hula hoops, barrels and sticks. They fixed their toys with strings and stones. That covered everything and they stayed until the moon came out at night.

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Tale Weaver 34 and Wordle #139

Mute Appeal – Writing Prompt #125 “NoEnd House Part 6″ and Whirligig 25

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “The birthday of the world” by Marge Piercy: birthday, pared, dazzling, weapons, sparks, move, eroding, rot, stumps, resentments, choking, gates


It started with a silly row
She said this, he said that
She stormed into the kitchen
He stumped two minutes later
They shouted at each other
Full of resentments and tears
Would this leaves questions
Eroding confidence of love?
Next day was his birthday
She tiptoed to their room
With dazzling smiles
Saying sorry with a rose
She gazed at him in mute appeal
Her weapon of reconciliation
His eyes sparked, all forgiven
Choking with emotion and love
Flaws were behind the gate again

For: Writing Prompt #125 and Whirligig 25


Ten Things of Thankful 111 #10Thankful

IMGP1957… Chinese and Mongolian buffet, the night before the wedding, to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. Food was delicious and it was nice to see everyone again!

IMGP1976 … the wedding, the three of us in our Filipino dresses, nice to see everyone again and celebrate our niece’s wedding 🙂

IMGP1979 … beautiful bride and handsome groom…. here’s to both of you – Best wishes and Congrats!!!

IMGP2012 … the euro building, we stayed near this building and the view from our room is amazing, with all the skyscrapers mixed with old town

IMGP2030 … we walked around town, was able to come to this weird mall, amazing!

IMGP2039 … reflection from the mall, really cool place!

IMGP2079 … sausages!!! great fast food at their Main Festival, with music, lots of people and fun

IMGP2082 … river Main in July, lovely!

20150801_170331 … padlocks at the bridge..oh, to be in love!

20150801_101235 … here’s to say cheers everyone! have a great week ahead of you 🙂

For: Ten Things of Thankful