This is my Life

Daily Prompt – If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

Thanks for the great idea, Tom!

Yes, why not? and I’d read it from cover to cover. I love reading books, all sorts of books. They always give me a sense of adventure and I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading about my life.

“Life is a journey, not a destination”
We’re always on our way until it’s done
I sing this quote with delight
For we all have to fight our plight
For my life is designed to shine
We can combine ways to outshine
When I was first new to this world
I uncurled, twirled and whirled
My parents were joyful for they knew
I’ll go a long way to grew and flew
That I will win, no matter what
Always following my heart and gut
They gave me this secured shelter
My questions they always answer
Of course, love and compassion
Were always there as well as fun
They dedicated their lives on me
As I go in my life journey spree
And I in turn, dedicated mine to them
And from my heart and soul, this poem



I was born as the eldest daughter in a family
I looked after my siblings and they were three
My Mum taught me how to market
How to feed the family within a budget
That’s probably how I get the love of shopping spree

As a student I was diligent and ambitious
With fellow students sometimes we’re boisterous
With dedication, I’ve got my degree
Moved to Europe, I want to be free
Got some Masters on Linguistics and Business

Chemistry in motion, met Him Indoors in a lab
Action and reaction, fell in love and reached our sky lab
Being a wife was fun, I thought
Even though sometimes we fought
It’s quite exciting, who says being married was such a drab?

After seven years, HRH the son was born, I’m Mum at last
I nurture him, looked after him and didn’t mind being typecast
Eighteen years later, he left the nest
To university to find his own quest
His first day of school, karate, piano lessons and time flew so fast

I love being a Business English trainer to some companies
To sales people, human resources and some became my buddies
As a freelancer I can say yes or no to a contract
I don’t have a boss and I can’t be sacked
I can still have my free time, hobbies and meet my friends with ease


One more day to illuminate
Me on the priorities of life
I don’t want to be a dead weight
And I don’t want any strife

One more day to storm
The challenges and hindrances
I’m sure I could still perform
What’s all this fuzz?

One more day to pool
Resources for the common good
I don’t want to be cruel
With the frosty weather I withstood

One more day to create
Significant impact on you
I need you, I tell it straight
Before I say adieu

One more day to haunt
Me with the scenes of our lives
I have no wealth to flaunt
We’ll see each in our afterlives

One more day to need
One last kiss before I’m lifeless
My very last good deed
Before I spin the axis

One more day to pay
The price of my sins
There must be some way
To play the violins

For: This Is Your Life

Show Your World – Munich

Munich, Germany – the place I call home for the last 25 years with Him Indoors and HRH the son. Munich – “gemütlich” or cosy, not as big as London, Los Angeles or Manila, and I always feel safe in it. Munich – with the River Isar that we can swim, walk or cycle around, and the Bavarian alps nearby, for walking, climbing and skiing. Munich – Oktoberfest, Toll Wood, Marienplatz, English Pagoda Garden, all the beer gardens in the summer, Deutsche Museum, Alte, Neue and Modern Pinakotek, concerts, opera, ballet, classical music and lots more for cultural events. This is my city and I hope you can visit it one day. Cheers everyone!

For: Show Your World


Student’s Life – Tale Weaver #38: Tales Twice Told


He walked – no, not walked, swaggered – over to me. Patrick thinks he’s the hottest guy at the university. I greeted him coolly. He gave me a bear hug. “You know what, I’ve just heard that Peter and Benjamin are being expelled from the Uni.”

“Oh my God, what happened?” I was really surprised.

“Some students filed some complaints, don’t really know the details. The police were called, some investigation took place and they were escorted out of the compound,” he explained.

“Oh, and to think that Peter’s my favourite tutor,” and off I went to my next class.

Meanwhile, at Mike’s office, Josie entered. “Come in, Josie. I just want to talk to you about your last essay.”

“Sorry, I’ve just made it,” Josie started explaining.

“It’s just some parts of it were taken directly from some websites. Were you not able to paraphrase them?” Mike asked. “I’ll give it back to you with a warning. It will be a fail next time.”

“Thanks, I promise it won’t happen again,” and Josie left Mike’s office.

Then, there are Gregory, Juan, Sarah and Florence who seem to be always in a pub every afternoon. God knows how they manage their work. Having said that, they are passing somehow. Sarah’s even the top in her class.

Marco’s the “Brad Pitt” of the campus and girls follow him around. They didn’t know that he’s also very shy and has some secrets at home. I wonder what?

The nerds or the ones who study hard and spend their times in the library. I’m sure they also want to have some dates or have some fun, they just don’t know how.

Or the beautiful Marjorie, who’s fighting her anorexia and thinks herself as fat and ugly. I wish to be her friend, if she lets me.

And me – a sophomore, who’s getting used to the politics of the campus and experiencing life away from home.

For: Tale Weaver 38

Travel – Miniature Writing Challenge #15


All my life, I’ve always been a traveller
It makes my life better and brighter
From morning till night, I’m on the road
Be it wet, sunshine, rained or snowed
To infinity and beyond is not impossible
Riding a horse, elephant, cattle or camel
For I’m always on a mission, bent to go
Saying hello, heigh-ho and heave-ho
Over the woods and far away, new places
I might stumble, fall over, sit on benches
Overgrowth and undergrowth, it’s the same
I can proclaim, acclaim but not defame
I have to travel, one way or another
Until I reach a certain boarder
I met people on my way, ages ago
They’re still part of my life as I go

For: Miniature Writing Challenge

If You Leave – Daily Prompt

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?


Yes, life is a series of beginnings and endings. I left my country, the Philippines 33 years ago and I’ve been to different countries – Switzerland, France, Germany, USA. Then I met Him Indoors and we decided to get married in the UK. We stayed there for 4 years. Then we moved to Germany and have been living here for the last 25 years.

And as for jobs, I also have a lot of different experiences and jobs. Started with being an Algebra teacher after college and at the same time as a Medical Representative in the Philippines. When I was in Switzerland, I worked as a Secretary to one of the Missions in the United Nations Office. In America, I worked in the Computer Department. In the UK, I worked as an Assistant Statistician to their research department. Now, I’m a freelance General/Business English teacher/trainer in Germany.

So what now? We’ll probably retire in 8 years’ time and we’re thinking of different possibilities. We’re staying here in Germany, but would like to get away for their winters. So probably we’ll buy something in the Philippines and stay there for a couple of months. Depending on where HRH the son will end up staying, we would also like to be near him, at least, in the same continent.

For: If You Leave