In Search Of Penitence – Writing Prompt #131 “NoEnd House Part 9″ and Wordle 223


In this empty vessel
The end full of brambles
My body’s bleeding
My veins’ weeping
In search of penitence
Not the end of judgment
For things I’ve done
No facts, just cheap pun
And things I’ve omitted
I’d go back if I would
Hush, don’t say a word
I know I have erred
Don’t mention my name
It’s such a shame
Until I have paid for my sins
When I can raise high my chin
Corrected the wrong ones
Give hope to my sons
Walked the dusty long road
A steady support flowed
Swam the deep blue seas
And walk with ease
Made a big burning fire
People can admire
And turned the stone
New leaf on my own

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Writing Prompt #131 and Wordle #223


Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Techniques #16 (Shiki’s) Shasei

Come spring as of old.
When such revenues of rice.
Braced this castle town!

© Masaoka Shiki

waves come into the cove
one at a time

© Jane Reichhold

ame no hi ya seken no aki o sakai-cho

a rainy day
the autumn world
of a border town

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

at sunrise
wandering over the hazy heath
the cry of an owl

© Chèvrefeuille

Fernando Amorsolo 1892-1972

Fernando Amorsolo 1892-1972

as the sun shines
sweet spring, enjoy life’s offer
a welcoming sight

before the dusk
sculpture of silky thread
the last of the light

gleams like a full moon
golden as the crisp leaves
summer is over

(c) ladyleemanila 2015

For: Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Techniques #16

Thur Picture Prompt #35: All Hallows’ Eve II


Mama ghoul and her three little kiddies
Went trick and treating at the back alleys
The people were stunned
Mama ghoul got a gun
They got some sweets, they’re such a sleaze


Three Ghoulies standing on the porch
On a blistering pace out they scorched
One was happy two were sad
They want to see their dad
And they forgot to bring their torch


Abracadabra she’s learning her spells
She’s not really good, she usually misspells
She’s got a lot of mishaps
She ends up in a mousetrap
Stuck there for a long time until she smells


She was in a forest when two ghosts appeared
They grinned through a jungle of bad facial hair and leered
“Help!” she cried and ran
Until she saw a man in a van
Two ghosts gave up and quickly disappeared

For: Thur Picture Prompt #35

Trees – Tuesdays of Texture

Lisbon 039


Tree At My Window
by Robert Frost

Tree at my window, window tree,
My sash is lowered when night comes on;
But let there never be curtain drawn
Between you and me.
Vague dream-head lifted out of the ground,
And thing next most diffuse to cloud,
Not all your light tongues talking aloud
Could be profound.
But tree, I have seen you taken and tossed,
And if you have seen me when I slept,
You have seen me when I was taken and swept
And all but lost.
That day she put our heads together,
Fate had her imagination about her,
Your head so much concerned with outer,
Mine with inner, weather.

For: Tuesdays of Texture

On His Bike – Sunday Photo Fiction and Wordle 222


The hour was ticking, his bike’s his best buddy
Having fun at the back of the alley
His old new bike from the second hand shop
Changed his kiddie bike to this as a swap
The ability to do all the stunts was full on
He even put some stickers of chevron
Criss-crossing the lanes with gusto
His face was always red with glow
He was on his element on the ground
Even when he had scratches and wound
And even though it just had one gear
He did all his manoeuvres with no fear
And then the demon came and pushed him
That was the theory when they found him
Slumped on the side of the tree
That was the end of his cycling spree

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Sunday Photo Fiction and Wordle #222


The Forest – Mondays Finish the Story and Wordle #83

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest.”
Part of the nunchi from the bar suggested that there was a hidden treasure in the forest. A nexus of ideas started forming in his head. Perhaps if he ventured out, the treasure could still be tenable. So in his bonhomie manner one afternoon, he gambolled to the forest. The plants took up water through their lateral roots. Birds and some avian predators were perched on the trees, cawing and chirping. He trekked on. He searched everywhere but no treasure could be found. He decided to go home and on his way home, he had a puncture. All this searching and venturing out did not, of course, take place in a vacuum.


For: Mondays Finish the Story and Wordle #83