Thur Picture Prompt #42

Tis the season to be merry
Christmas is here with glee
Three stories to tell
I’m sure they’re all swell
Though Panda’s not that cutesy


Samantha’s catching up on her reading
With all her books instead of clubbing
She’s looking for some clues
If and when Santa snooze
Then she needed a break as the coffee’s brewing


The Panda was in a cantankerous mood
He tipped the shopping trolley out, quite rude
Johannes and son were not pleased
Attendants hurriedly the Panda seized
Panda said he was having some Christmas blued


The Smith brothers haven’t seen each other for years
In different places they were all bombardiers
But for this year, they’re all here
Sharing stories, wine and beer
With their families bringing Christmas cheers

For: LRose’ Thur Picture Prompt #42

Little Fairy Christmas


There was Little Fairy Christmas who came down from heaven
She wanted to make everyone happy and have some fun
She chose the first three people
She wanted them to be cheerful
She’s got to be creative and off she went on her mission


There was a business man whose life was so toxic
Meetings, negotiations and everything’s got to be quick
Little Fairy Christmas waved her wand
Sent him there before he could respond
An idyllic place for tranquillity with a nearby creek


There was a lovely lady who had two birds in a cage
She used to perform and sing with them on the stage
She wanted to flee but can’t leave them be
Little Fairy Christmas set them free
Left two red peppers on their place in that cage


There was a little boy who liked playing in the mud
He also liked it when it rains and there’s a lot of flood
Little Fairy Christmas presented her present
Which the boy can put in their basement
A swimming pool but instead of water, it’s full of mud


For: Tale Weaver #43 – Fairy Tale Prompt and Thur Picture Prompt #41


Waiting – Thurs Picture Prompt #40


There’s a little girl who waits and waits
Her friend borrowed her skates and not back for ages
Mummy will be worried sick
If she’s not back in a tick
Friend hasn’t come back yet, they’re no longer playmates



They’re playing hide and seek and she’s the “it”
She can’t find them, they hide well, she has to admit
It’s getting rather late
She’s got to be home by eight
She gave up looking and shouted she has to quit



She can’t sleep, something’s bothering her
She kept on tossing and turning and then she stir
Husband’s fast asleep
She can hear the sheep
And the cat came to the room gently and purr


For: Thurs Picture Prompt #40


My Masks – Tale Weaver #41


I was born as the eldest daughter in a family
I looked after my siblings and they were three
My Mum taught me how to market
How to feed the family within a budget
That’s probably how I get the love of shopping spree

As a student I was diligent and ambitious
With fellow students sometimes we’re boisterous
With dedication, I’ve got my degree
Moved to Europe, I want to be free
Got some Masters on Linguistics and Business

Chemistry in motion, met Him Indoors in a lab
Action and reaction, fell in love and reached our sky lab
Being a wife was fun, I thought
Even though sometimes we fought
It’s quite exciting, who says being married was such a drab?

After seven years, HRH the son was born, I’m Mum at last
I nurture him, looked after him and didn’t mind being typecast
Eighteen years later, he left the nest
To university to find his own quest
His first day of school, karate, piano lessons and time flew so fast

I love being a Business English trainer to some companies
To sales people, human resources and some became my buddies
As a freelancer I can say yes or no to a contract
I don’t have a boss and I can’t be sacked
I can still have my free time, hobbies and meet my friends with ease

I wear different masks for different roles
As a friend, enemy, depending on my goals
Life is wonderful, I’d say
So my day is never grey
Perhaps I’d think of other courses to enroll

For: Tale Weaver #41

Thur Picture Prompt #39: Prompt-giving Day

We flaunt our stuff, feeling great, the three of us
Where we’re going, that’s none of your business
They didn’t catch us and we were saved
Some didn’t make it, now they’re being carved
We’re off to celebrate, hopefully we’ll last till Christmas


My brother couldn’t wait to start the pie
And I’m so happy I could fly in the sky
Mum said not to touch them
We’re causing such a mayhem
We finished the pie and should think of an alibi


Surprise, surprise, I’ve got no idea about the surprise
Fun, laughter, booze and food and we end up in highs
A cool way to celebrate a round birthday
And they all gave me a gorgeous bouquet
Such a great evening, it was hard for goodbyes


For: Thur Picture Prompt #39

Thur Picture Prompt #36: Three of Two


The most extraordinary creature she has bechanced upon
Their index fingers touched and then he was gone
“Wait, you haven’t told me your name,” she called
“Mataas na Kahoy,” he told her and she’s enthralled
“I wish you could stay longer, you’re such a phenomenon.”


Me and my gal always together
We laugh, we fight and we just chatter
She’s in my team and we’re winners
Our teacher tells us off coz we’re chewers
I’m sure when she grows up, she’ll be a cracker


Goodbye my friend, have a safe trip
We held our hands in a strong grip
As the train goes, I see him cry
I’ve got other places to try
Dried my eyes and gave a short yip

For: Thur Picture Prompt #36

Thur Picture Prompt #35: All Hallows’ Eve II


Mama ghoul and her three little kiddies
Went trick and treating at the back alleys
The people were stunned
Mama ghoul got a gun
They got some sweets, they’re such a sleaze


Three Ghoulies standing on the porch
On a blistering pace out they scorched
One was happy two were sad
They want to see their dad
And they forgot to bring their torch


Abracadabra she’s learning her spells
She’s not really good, she usually misspells
She’s got a lot of mishaps
She ends up in a mousetrap
Stuck there for a long time until she smells


She was in a forest when two ghosts appeared
They grinned through a jungle of bad facial hair and leered
“Help!” she cried and ran
Until she saw a man in a van
Two ghosts gave up and quickly disappeared

For: Thur Picture Prompt #35

Limericks – Thur Picture Prompt #32: Animal/Human Nature


Mummy elephant and her two calves walking on the grass
Maybe if we just kept moving, then we’d reach some bluegrass
The two calves got distracted
They saw and stopped by the mud
The men tried to catch them because they have trespassed


The man put his helmet on and took his goat for a ride
Maybe if we just kept moving, then we’d reach countrywide
The goat got sea sick
And was sick at the creek
So he took his goat back and will never take it again for a joyride


An old man took his big bear for a long walk
Children were following them and they gawk
They stopped to have a rest
Children carried on with zest
Maybe if we just kept moving, then they won’t mock

For: Thur Picture Prompt #32