Topsy Turvy Land © Agrawal


To see the land of Topsy-Turvy
I was very surprised
You will be in amazement
When you see it with your eyes,

The sun used to rise in west
Children used to go to school at night
During the day, people used to rest,
The moon had its own light!

The people used to walk on hands
and that too on walls,
Isn’t this a weird land
Where boys love to play with dolls!

Women used to wear bindi on chin
Lipstick was worn by boys!

The plants could grow without water
The cat was chased by the mouse
Blacksmith’s work was done by a potter
Instead of people, animals used to live in house!

Animals used to have humans as pet
And discount rates were high,
To eat pedigree humans used to get
Instead of eagle, ostrich would fly.

Roots prepared food instead of leaves,
The most free creatures were bees.

Ants were bigger than elephants
Beggars were plump and fat,
Adults used to cry like infants
And rich used to wear rags.

Gum was used to break things and
Seconds were larger than minutes,
So peculiar would this land be
And this land of our creations!!!



For: #BeWoW


Two Harvests and Orchids – Three Things Thursday

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

our rude harvest - chilli willy

our rude harvest – chilli willy

lovely orchid plant from a friend

lovely orchid plant from a friend

our harvest this year - yummy grapes

our harvest this year – yummy grapes

For: Three Things Thursday

When The Wind Brushes The Leaves – Sunday Photo Fiction and Wordle 219


Let us share one tender moment
One last effort that makes us valiant
I swear we won’t forget or regret it
As we walk and talk by the moonlit
It’s probably part of our Bucket list
The peaks are shrouded with mists
A nexus of our past and the present
It’s best we just remember fragment
A link between summer and autumn
Yellow, brown, red and gold in random
When the wind brushes the leaves
Like a fairy tale that weaves
The sky flushes with a gold of dawn
I know, let bygone be bygone
You’re the only person I call as a friend
Thank you for this lovely weekend
She came and our bond was under threat
She wants to sing with you a duet
I gave in and didn’t press the point
Perhaps we’ve reached our end point

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Sunday Photo Fiction and Wordle #219