Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille August 19 th 2015 “use that quote”

[…] “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”.[…]

toro-toro to shiriyake chidori mata doko e

slowly, slowly
plover with burnt tail feathers
where to now?

© Kobayashi Issa (tr. David G. Lanoue)


you’ll reach there
meander for a while
enjoy what’s between

don’t stop, keep going
leisurely doing things
as long as you’re happy

(c) ladyleemanila 2015

For: Heeding Haiku (with Chèvrefeuille)

Me, Myself, I – Prompt 68 – Quoted #10


Don’t you forget about me
I was the one with the fringe
And liked to twirl around
With her red dress and shoes
Who bounced like a ball
And had tried everything
And anything under the sun
Who wouldn’t miss an opportunity
Even though there were hindrances
On the way blocking her way
I was your friend who rallied
Behind you and cheered you
When you were upset and
Wanted a shoulder to cry on
I was your best buddy
And at the same time
Your critique when things
Were not the same as what
They seemed to be, tough
I told things the way they were
Sometimes hurting people
And I didn’t mean to hurt them
I was just the real me, no pretence
I was an optimist until the end
Believed that there was good
In everyone and would give them
A second chance or even a third one
So please don’t you forget about me


Catch me if you can
I don’t want to be a dead man

Now you see me, now you don’t
Things I can’t tell you and I won’t

I can make myself disappear
I know, that’s a bit queer

When I don’t want to be there
As long as I have something to wear

When I’m in an awkward situation
I twirled around and I spun

Like when I’m a third wheel
I don’t want him for me to steal

Or when I’ve dug a deep hole
I could fit myself in a cubbyhole

When I’ve done something I shouldn’t
And I could go as far away as a distant

Or I’ve said something that hurt
Like you smell like a Roquefort

Escape to a place where no one can see me
I promise to be very quiet in a back alley

Escape to a world where I feel needed
I’m one of them and in a crowd I blended

Escape to a new planet – hey, that’s cool
As long as there’s a school and a whirlpool

For: Quoted #10


Humanity – Prompt 53 – Quoted #8


“Humanity is an ocean
If a few drops of the ocean are dirty
The ocean does not become dirty”
Mahatma Gandhi’s inspiration for us
It’s quite true, sometimes we just think of ourselves
We are just a tiny part of a big whole
Our problems are tiny dots and won’t affect it
When we’re hurt, when things don’t go the way we like
When we’re frustrated, when someone turned us down
Think of the rest of the world and their problems
We have to keep our faith in the goodness of humanity
There’s always a rainbow after a rain, or hope
The light after the tunnel, we just have to be patient
Give it time, do our best, help others, be a friend
Face our problems, accept the inevitable and take it easy
Enjoy life and what it offers us, it is wonderful, indeed


For: Humanity is an ocean

Life is a Journey – Prompt 40 – Quoted #6 and Wordle 194


“Life is a journey, not a destination”
We’re always on our way until it’s done
I sing this quote with delight
For we all have to fight our plight
For my life is designed to shine
We can combine ways to outshine
When I was first new to this world
I uncurled, twirled and whirled
My parents were joyful for they knew
I’ll go a long way to grew and flew
That I will win, no matter what
Always following my heart and gut
They gave me this secured shelter
My questions they always answer
Of course, love and compassion
Were always there as well as fun
They dedicated their lives on me
As I go in my life journey spree
And I in turn, dedicated mine to them
And from my heart and soul, this poem

by brenda warren

by brenda warren



Moments – Prompt 39 – Quoted #5


Moments come, moments go, regrets I have a few
Too few that I won’t bother mentioning them
I could queue or brew but never feel blue
Hope my high spirit doesn’t lead to a mayhem
As I pirouetted and moonwalked across the room
I also fluttered around, overwhelmed by things around
I just do things the way I like them – vroom and zoom
Treat each place like a playground or campground
I was just as resolute in my resolve not to be miserable
That I will appreciate the diminutive things in life
And even if I fail, I don’t mind and just be as graceful
Perhaps my lack of shame is going to get me into strife
Play and laugh with children, don’t neglect them
I decided to remain positive even on cloudy days
To achieve surprise, I’ve learned how to use stratagem
Life is exciting, I’ve learned to be just as amaze
Even when something has been stained and spilled
Or broken, I just have to pick up the pieces and move on
I’m always thrilled, don’t see my life as unfulfilled
I can go on and on, I think it best to comment thereon
Don’t forget, it’s a great, wonderful life we have
It provided me for the rest of my life with a salve


a moment in time
one step at a time


Normality is a Paved Road – BE Inspired!


“Normality is a paved road
It’s comfortable to walk
But no flowers grow on it”
There’s truth in Van Gogh’s quote
What is “normal” in the first place?
We all have different criteria for
Normality, but even then perhaps
When we are in our comfort zone
Or people do what was expected of us
In this context of life, people and things
Normal always resonates a feeling of
Contentment and that’s a good thing, right?
On the other hand, life is short and we should
Live it as if it’s the last day of our lives
There is beauty in stepping outside of our
Comfort zone and experiencing things that
Aren’t in our nature. It encourages growth
And excitement within our lives. So much
More like individuality, uniqueness, fun,
Creativity, achievement, challenge and
Venturing out. Testing how far we can go
Testing our limits, it’s called living a life!