Carpe Diem Special #187 Georgia’s 3rd, a haibun “idyllic spring”


Our first year anniversary. We were still students – starving students. We wanted to celebrate our first year, so we booked a cheap hovercraft holiday to Paris. I wasn’t good in travelling by hovercraft in the British Channel, got sea-sick. But we carried on, took the train and stayed in a cheap hotel. That was one spring in Paris. We lived on baguette, wine and cheese. We didn’t mind, it was wonderful. Every day, we walked along the River Seine and hand in hand, waited for the sunset. We loved going to the museums, especially the Musee d’Orsay for all the paintings of Monet, Manet, Renoir, like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” We also spent a lot of time at the garden of Rodin. We sat and contemplated with “The Thinker.” And one sunny day, we climbed up the Eifel Tower – what a view! “We’ll always have Paris,” we promised.

Paris in spring
Our first anniversary
Lived on wine and cheese

(c) ladyleemanila 2015


For: Carpe Diem Special #187

Carpe Diem #873 Deeper into the North: men of this world; picking up rice seedlings; backpack and sword

hot springs
Credits: Hot Springs

following the trail
on a journey through the world
to find ourselves

© Chèvrefeuille

following the trail
of Basho and companion
such an honour

on a journey through the world
focus on the deep meaning
time to appreciate

to find ourselves
our purpose and role in life
in tune with nature

(c) ladyleemanila 2015

For: Carpe Diem #873

Share Your World – 2015 Week #47

In your native language which letter or character describes you best? Why?
When I’m back in the Philippines, people have often referred to me as “mabilis” or “hagibis” (fast). I don’t know why, but perhaps I’ve lost this “take it easy” attitude when I left my country. I guess when I’m there, I want things to happen, and not just wait for things to happen. Most of the time, I’m just there for a couple of weeks, so basically I’ve already organised what I wanted to do, people to see and places to visit. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do what I wanted to do if I just rely on others.
What is your greatest extravagance?
Shopping till I drop, mostly clothes, shoes and bags. I can never have enough stuff, there’s always one or two that I find so irresistible to buy.
Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either?
Ideally, both. In reality, I wish I have more time to exercise my body, i.e. go to the gym or go for a walk. As for exercising the mind, I read a lot, play scrabble and write my blogs. The fiction challenges keep me on my toes and the photo challenges, too. I need to take lots of photos or get them from my archive.
List at least 5 things that makes you laugh.
Him Indoors and HRH the son make me laugh – their dry humour are to die for! Watching some TV shows like Big Bang Theory and Have I Got News for You are good, too. And sometimes, when people tell jokes or the situations are funny – they make me laugh, as well.
Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
We had the first snowflakes for the season yesterday. Winter is here!
Looking forward to a normal week coming up, no stress, meeting friends, being with Him Indoors.
Have a lovely week everyone!

For: Share Your World


“Miss Grace” and I

This week's photo prompt is provided by (free to use photos).

This week’s photo prompt is provided by (free to use photos).

“Miss Grace” was my first love
I’ve always drove with my glove
As I buckled my belt and navigate
Miss Grace was a witness to my dates
I knew we’d see visions together
As I knew all her noise and whir
For years and years we were together
Not bad for such an old banger
Humming along the way, lots of places
And every time, I always get a real buzz
Gained lots of experience, with life and love
And sometimes I gave her a strong shove
Now it’s time she rest with dignity
It’s all over our driving spree
Put the drills we’d perfected on the side
I looked at her with such great pride

by brenda warren

by brenda warren

For: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers by Priceless Joy and Wordle #134

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Thur Picture Prompt #36: Three of Two


The most extraordinary creature she has bechanced upon
Their index fingers touched and then he was gone
“Wait, you haven’t told me your name,” she called
“Mataas na Kahoy,” he told her and she’s enthralled
“I wish you could stay longer, you’re such a phenomenon.”


Me and my gal always together
We laugh, we fight and we just chatter
She’s in my team and we’re winners
Our teacher tells us off coz we’re chewers
I’m sure when she grows up, she’ll be a cracker


Goodbye my friend, have a safe trip
We held our hands in a strong grip
As the train goes, I see him cry
I’ve got other places to try
Dried my eyes and gave a short yip

For: Thur Picture Prompt #36

Travel – Miniature Writing Challenge #15


All my life, I’ve always been a traveller
It makes my life better and brighter
From morning till night, I’m on the road
Be it wet, sunshine, rained or snowed
To infinity and beyond is not impossible
Riding a horse, elephant, cattle or camel
For I’m always on a mission, bent to go
Saying hello, heigh-ho and heave-ho
Over the woods and far away, new places
I might stumble, fall over, sit on benches
Overgrowth and undergrowth, it’s the same
I can proclaim, acclaim but not defame
I have to travel, one way or another
Until I reach a certain boarder
I met people on my way, ages ago
They’re still part of my life as I go

For: Miniature Writing Challenge